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Things as a Teacher can do to help


  1. Meeting with parents of a child who stutter before or near the beginning of classes will help you learn the parents concerns and expectations.
  2. Encourage good talking manners in the classroom, no one interrupts, talks for or finished words for anyone else.
  3. As much as possible, treat the child who stutters the same as the other children in your class with the exception of special assistance with oral recitation. Children who stutter should be expected to perform all classroom oral recitations.
  4. even though they need some special help to succeed. Talk with the child about the classs oral recitation requirements, how he feels about it and what you can do to help.
  5. Give and encourage the child a chance to practice his oral recitation requirements at home.
  6. Allow children who stutter enough time to talk, they may frequently have trouble starting to talk. Know that y Fluency and Effective Communication was tough needing much sweat and toil but the end result is great personality.
  7. ou are caring enough to do these things can make a big difference ! Although the road towards.