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Group Therapy

Importance Of Group Sessions Cum Public Speaking In Speech Therapy

Group Sessions are an integral part of our Therapy Program. These sessions are designed in such a way that each and every person is given the confidence to speak up in front of his batch mates and thus making him more confident of speaking publically.We have a group therapy session frequently and we have enjoyed a high attendance rate for this session.

Group therapy sessions plays very important role in Speech therapy programme. In individual Therapy one can learn some very important points and understands basic speech organ exercises.

But Public Speaking in the form of GROUP THERAPY is very crucial. Initially Group therapy cum Public Speaking was organized once in 2-3 months. Slowly and gradually the need arose and seeing the benefit provided to cases, We started Group Sessions on every Saturday.

Such types of meetings played a vital role in taking out the inhibitions and in the transformation of the overall personality. Different activities like Public Speaking, Interviews, Group Discussions, Plays has build strong confidence and given them the self belief that they can do any thing and now the sky is there limit.

Although the road towards Fluency and Effective Communication was tough needing much sweat and toil but the end result is great personality. Action speaks louder than words and Effective Communication is priceless.