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Analysis by Mr. Akash Rathore

My name is Akash Rathore. I am from sirohi, Rajasthan. I was having stammering when I was of 12 years. At that time it was so mild that others were not able to know about it but as time passed it increased. Due to this during my school days, I never attempt to answer any question asked by teachers even if I knew the answer because,I was scared that all my batch mate would make fun of me. The same thing continues in the college but one day I delivered the presentation for my practicals and that time I realized that now I have to consult Speech Therapists.

I searched on Google and I got Dr AP Singh website I read all reviews and watched some videos.After then,I make my mind and came to Dr AP Sir clinic. After talking with him I realized that I could also overcome my stammering. His exercise help me a lot and soon gave results. Presently my speech is improved a lot and now I can easily start a conversation with anyone and talk anyone.

I thank Dr AP Singh Sir for everything he taught me and helping me get rid of this bad habit.


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