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Journey from Stammerer to an Orator

I am somebody who had to cope and live with a STAMMERING, STUTTERING problem for twenty two years. I really hated having this form of speech impediment and I always had a determination that one day I would be able to overcome it. The thought of having to live my whole life with a stammer was a thought that I would not even contemplate thinking about it! Yes there were quite a few people who attempted to drag me down and it was not easy to keep up this positive attitude at times. I tried to not become annoyed or bothered by these people but I have to admit that I failed in this quest. There were many a day when I would return home after school in tears.Another group of people, who without meaning to, would test this positive attitude. My family however have bought me up to only think in a positive way and I now truly believe in this, as it works. Certain people from my circle of friends could also have been more supportive at times. The majority of my friends were absolutely superb and would help me in a number of ways, for example by ordering drinks for me.One or two of them however did laugh at me from time to time, this is just part of life of course and I do not hold a grudge. And if I had one inspiring quote for anyone? It was a well known pop band who said: "don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top". Well said, I think I had convinced myself to go with the fear, rather than to hold it back, the choice to be fully present in the moment usually lessens the fear and may even disappear it. If you choose to do what you're afraid of doing, you're back in control. You become empowered because you're doing what you want, rather than acting as a victim of other people's expectations.Remember, having fun is the best antidote to performance fears. And the path to fun starts with being honest about what you're feeling and giving yourself the freedom to be yourself.Have you ever heard of the phrase "stammering demons"? Well basically a stammering demon is what people call the annoying voice in their head which attempts to convince them that whey are going to stammer.I myself had a large number of these stammering demons as I suffered with this type of speech impediment for Twenty two years. I saw the demons as a type of cancer which was slowly killing me, I needed to remove this cancer as it was making my life unbearable.I was sure that I would be able to talk fluently if I could just kill off this voice.At times I would be unable to sleep as the voice just would not stop talking to me. You are going to stammer tomorrow at school, you have that new book to read in English.The teacher always asks members of the class to read out one paragraph each. There is no way that you will be able to read out aloud in front of the whole class without stammering, is there Steve? This is the type of thing that the demons would be saying to me.I tried very hard to ignore this voice but that was easier said than done. I had absolutely no idea where these demons had come from, it just proved to me how powerful the mind can be.Group therapy sessions at speech therapy centre have helped me to overcome with these "stammering demons". These group therapy sessions helped me to use this power of public speaking to my own benefit, there I have learned how to kill these demons and for all things, such as mind over matter and the power of positive thinking.I am very happy to report that after working very hard under the guidance of Mr.A.P.Singh, I am successful in eradicating my stammering, and now running my own business as a legal marketing consultant


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