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There is no shortcut method to cure
However Therapy will help

It is an involuntary repetition, prolongation or block which interrupts the normal flow of Speech" Approximately one person in every hundred stammers, and Stammering covers a wide range of behaviours. One person may get blocked or stuck on a certain word or sounds, another may repeat sounds, another may go back in speech and take a run at the difficult word and yet another may do all of these things and many more. There are times when speech is fluent perhaps when talking to oneself or with a friend or may be junior.

At the other times Stammering may occur frequently especially when tired, excited or under stress. Stammering may be worse when speaking to someone in authority or while talking on the phone. Why is it that the Stammering and fluency varies so often? This is because of the lack of Neuro-Muscular co-ordination. The shame and embarrassment, the fear and tension, the loss of self confidence and the sense of frustration all adds up making the speech impossible. Despite the best efforts of not to stammer, the words do not come out smoothly