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Analysis by Samarth Aggarwal

I am Samarth Aggarwal, pursuing my M.Tech. from IIT Delhi. I have been stammering since I was probably 5 or 6 Years old and like most stammerers, I too had a horrible school life. I used to bunk language periods on a regular basis just to avoid reading in the class. My problem is basically confined to vowels and my surname itself has given me plenty of problems in the past. Group discussions and interviews during my B.Tech placement days were also a very difficult hurdle to cross. The problem continued till my 1st year in IIT where I even put my degree at stake just because of the fear of presentations but then things changed.

I joined Delhi Speech Therapy Centre on Dec 1 09 and could give a presentation on 24th of the same month simply because of the confidence I got from the Saturday public speaking sessions. The Saturday sessions along with the speech organ exercises and Sir`s techniques (which vary from individual to individual) are the perfect remedy to cure stammering. Though I had joined various Speech Therapists during my initial days, it was Dr. A.P Singh with whom I finally found solace.

It is said that stammering is a habit and old habits die hard so my problem with take its time before it gets completely eradicated but I am sure I am on the right track with Sir`s guidance.


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