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Analysis by Mr. Gursharanjeet Singh

I am Gursharanjit Singh from Jalandhar. I am 20 years old.I am pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science from Thapar University,Patiala.As u all know,the importance of speech in my life.I have stammering problem since my childhood and was growing as I was getting old.During my school days,I used to takepart in competitions, i used to read in class, but as I grew up things have been changed. I faced many problems because of this stammering. Because of this stammering,I was introverd in nature.Lots of efforts made by me and family were of no use.I too had a horrible school and college life.Teachers at school and college had always underestimated me due to this stammering .The biggest fear I had was - what will happen when I will be not be able to converse correctly, this has to go out of the person mind because a feared mind can never converse well.

Then,I thought there must be some solution to this problem.Then,I searched net and came to know about Mr.A.PSingh sir.As all say "Late is better than never". I joined it immediately as in the first meeting with A.P sir,I got highly motivated thoughts and this provides me with thought that I can also speak like a normal person.Speech therapy has transformed my life.It proved to be a turning point in my life. Initially i felt very shy to join but when i met people suffering with same problem, i felt that its the time when i should forgot all hesitations and take a step forward in life. The biggest problem for a stammerer is that he/sheknow what he wants to speak but he/she is not able to convey that thing properly and this mounts a pressure on him. I am taking Speech therapy since one month and experiencing a change in myself.I am regularly doing the exercises and applying the techniques given by sir and are helping me a lot.The believe of my sir in me motivated me and helps in developing my confidence. It was the most memorable day of my life when I spoke in front of a group. But as I started I stammer, but I tried to spoke as my sir told me and i felt so happy .

Now, I am more confident and can speak fluently without any hesitation or negative thoughts in my mind. The Public Speaking and G.D.s have increased my confidence and gives me a feeling that a stammer can become orator.Mr.A.PSingh sir's guidance has helped me lot and I can see a change in myself.The positive attitude is helping me in curing my stammering problem.Now,I take initiative in all aspects of my life. I don't hesitate to speak to any one now.Hope,I will be able to speak fluently in upcoming days and will be stammer free one day.Iam verythankful to Mr. A. P Singh. I suggest that everybody who has any problem of Stammering or Misarticulation should take speech therapy and become a confident person for the remaining of his life. So my friends, I will suggest you all to follow the speech therapy, be confident and have a proper control on breath. Yes, we all are orators and you are one of them. So, "If you have tried the rest, contact the best" As we believe in the bes

Thank you Sir!!


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