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Analysis by Mr.Harshit Gupta

Myself Harshit Gupta by profession a Software Engineer from Bareily I suffered a lot from STAMMERING problem in my school and college life but never got demotivated as I have an intusion that one day I will find the means to cure it . Lots of effort has been made by me and my parents to cure this problem but all gone in vain. After my college life when I have to face interviews and GD's the problem rises to worst condition then I started searching for cure to this problem and what else I got rather than the full prove speech therapy , at speech therapy centre headed by A.P Singh sir in New Delhi. I joined immediately as only in the first meeting with A.P. Sir, I got highly motivated and this provides me the zeal to be Stammer free. I am taking Speech Therapy since one month and experiencing a drastic improvement in me. I am greatly influenced by the techniques and exercises given by sir on regular basis which has almost cured my problem, and experience a drastic change in myself not only in confidence but also in speaking fluently in front of a mob. And from here only I got a chance to be part of STAMMERING SHOW ON ZINDAGI LIVE ON IBN7 CHANNEL which was a great and extraordinary experience to address and give a message to the whole world about the cure of this problem and the social responsibility towards the stammering suffering people. The Public speaking segment and group discussion (GD) which is telecasted live, proves to be a big tool in curing the Stammering Problem. Every Saturday we all speak in front of a large number of peoples which not only boost up your confident but also make you an orator. Which provide an inspirational force to every Stammerer. By taking speech therapy in Speech Therapy Centre Delhi I believe that this can be a turning point in my Stammering free life and I firmly hope that I will be an inspiring role model which provide an inspirational force to every stammerer and they should be able to overcome this hurdle by joining SPEECH THERAPY CENTRE AT TILAK NAGAR, IN DELHI and live Stammering free life. Moreover the guidance provided by A. P. Sir is majestic and I believe he is the best in india. Always be happy and try to make others happy this thing will also add up in curing this problem. Everything in this world is possible sincere efforts and right guidance is needed which can be achieved by joining the Speech Therapy Centre. THANK YOU.


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