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Analysis by Ms. Charu Sharma

I am Charu. I am working in BPO industry for the last 5 years..I had been sufferingfrom misarticulation since childhood..I was not able to pronounce words like K, kH, G, GH correctly..My life had almost become hell due to this..Only a misarticulate like me would be able to know the importance of those four words that completely converted me to a reserved and introvert person.....People used to call me shy, introvert, reserved that i did not like at all....i never was able to express myself in front of anyone.Being a girl, it was even worse.

Then, I started searching on net about Speech Therapy and finally found SpeechTherapy Centre in Tilak Nagar.....As i have already tried many therapies withno avail, I just went there with not so much hope...But, A.P. Sir gave me full assurance.......He assured me that i would be able to pronounce those words correctly only in four days.....and he really kept hiswords.....i had wasted so many years, but better late than never....It was like a dream come true when I utter the word "k" correctly.

With few group discussions ( G.d.s) and Public Speaking sessions , I got so much confidence....I don`t think there is any other Speech Therapy Clinic which provide this platform to people like me.....

Now, I am working on my fluency and hopefully would be able to get fluent misartculation-free speech over the next couple of days.

For those who are facing any sort of speech problem, I would definitely recommend that this is the place where you can get your all dreams come true.....So please don`t waste time...

All the Best....


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