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Analysis by Mr. Rakesh Chhonkar

My name is Rakesh Chhonkar .I am from Haryana.i am doing Mba(Gju ,Hissar).i am also doing job in BSF department in communication set up. From very beginning of my childhood, i faced stammering. It was hard for me to inhale the poisonous breath of stammering. But sometimes problems are good in life. When i was in childhood, i used to tolerate bad consequences of stammering .as per passes of time, it was increased more in some other streams unlike childhood scenario`s didn`t think it could be cured or not. Now i underwent speech therapy for 15 days on regular basis.initially,i was not sure that it was fine to step in therapy or I should have planned some other surgical and throat treatments. But slowly, i got the results. People used to say that i was not a stammerer.But internally i felt the halts and involuntary tight breathing and bad response of abdomen. It felt like home in centre and every experience was awesome. For the proper execution of curing a problem, it is necessary to face a seasoned and sophisticate commander (therapist).every tom dick and harry can`t cure it .it depends on individual discretion. The main part of this therapy @ speech therapy centre, Delhi, i analysed.it depends on individual what kind of endeavor he is contributing with therapist for this fair mission. Things get changed slowly.

But as i think about my life .i take a breath and say "all is well". Stammering was for me to break a mountain`s broke it and now i feel "all is well". Although, i have to maintain it upto a certain level in order not to get relapsed. Now i don`t think what people would say about my stammering.


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