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Analysis by Mr. Manish Sharma

This is Manish, Manish Sharma working as Software developer in an IT firm known as IBM India Pvt. Ltd in Gurgaon(Haryana). Multinational company like IBM is one of the dream companies to work with and every IT aspirant dreams about it. I was one of the aspirants among them too. But because of my severe Stammering perhaps it would remain my dream forever, if I did not meet to Mr. Amrit Pal Singh, my speech Therapist at SPEECH THERAPY CENTRE in Tilak Nagar; under whose guidance and supervision and my continuous efforts and exercises, I have almost got rid this Monster like Stammering just in few months. Now I am working in my dream company with full of confidence and enthusiasm.

I have been suffering from this bad habit since my childhood. At about the age of 5-6 years I used to imitate my uncle who stammered and I don`t know how I became habitual to it and started stammering. I did not take this seriously and it became so severe that I could not speak even single sentence without blocking and repetition. When I was in 6th or 7th standard in my school, I realized about its demerits but my subconscious mind was in trap of this habit. I tried a lot but I was not able to get rid of it. I started loosing my self confidence and my temper. Though I was a meritorious student in my academics but I was not able to answer in my class. I did not take part in extra curricular activities like debates, reciting poems or any activity which require speaking in any way. My mental growth was affecting badly too. I started to be silent and to hide my self. I started about every thing in which I would have to speak like talking to phone, talking to stranger, going to market or shop to purchase goods, even talking to guests come to my house. I generally lost my temper and got irritated when someone laughed at me because of my stammering. Many people suggested different type of medicines and activities but none of them worked. My social and personal life was being ruined.

Somehow I completed my studies and now it was the time to think out of the box and go in to this cruel world where I had to prove my self. Even I had enough technical knowledge to crack any interview but I was not able communicate. I lost many opportunities just because of my stammering. Now my professional life was ruining. It was my good luck I came to know about Mr. Amrit Pal Singh and his speech therapy centre. I took an appointment and went to him for counseling where I got to know what actually stammering is and how it can be cured. He let me know about the mechanism, therapy sessions, exercises and functioning of vocal organs very technically. After meeting him I was quite impressed about the facts and therapy provided in his centre. I got a ray of hope and joined the centre at once. To my surprised I noticed improvement just after a few days of joining, and with in few months I improved a lot. Because of the therapy sessions and Public Speaking sessions, I improved my speech a lot and my self confidence as well. Public Speaking session organized on every Saturday, become a mile stone in my life as these session help everyone in not just improving his/her stammering but also provide a natural way of learning and to know about different aspects of other life and their points of views on different scenarios. I had started appearing for the interviews again with full of confidence and got selected in my dream company IBM as a software developer. I am not scared of my stammering anymore. I take initiative in all aspects of my life. I don`t hesitate to speak to any one now. I am enjoying my life with full of swings.

I have improved my stammering up to 90%. I do stammer sometime in some situations but I don`t loose my temper and recover at once by applying therapy rules. I am absolutely sure that I will get rid of Stammering by 100% with in few months. At last I would like to raise regards and say my special thanks to Dr Amrit Pal Singh for his guidance and to all of my well wishers for their support to get rid of this monster habit.

I wrap up my words with this conclusion:



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