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Analysis by Mr Monu

All  my dear friends My name is Monu, my father's name is Mahaveer Singh, and my mother's name is Mohindro Devi.I am a resident of Jind district of Haryana. I have done my +2 KV (Army) Jodhpur. I started speech therapy on 15th May, 2019, and now my speech therapy has ended. I have learned a lot from our Sir, from Mam and my friends. Just like how do you talk and if you come to give a speech If so, you have to speak only in front of everyone. And the way our head has taught, it is to apply it by applying it. And if there is any unknown person here, then I would start talking to him only from him.First like me No Not had to hustle I can not talk to any strangers Here that I could not get tickets to your station. Here I attended two seminars. I learned a lot from those seminars .. Today this is my last seminar, there has been a lot of difference in this seminar. The manner in which my head has told me, I did aplly in my speech, and if you also use these methods (R.O.S.) then you too will be fine like me. **** Thank you ****


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