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Analysis by Mr Kanik Deka

I am Kanik Deka , 18 years old. I joined the Speech Therapy Centre on Mid-December’16. I encountered the problem of stammering when i was in class 4th , at that time it wasn't severe but as time passed it increased. People around often say that you'll grow out of it as you'll grow by age, but just like as in the case of many other stammers, you don't really grow out of it but, you learn to live with it. We learn the tricks, substitute words and often try to fool the people around so that they can’t get a hint that we stammered or had a block. But as it’s a saying that “you can fool some of the people all the time, or, all of the people some of the time , but, you cannot fool all the people all the time” and precisely, even if you are genius enough to do that…you definitely can’t fool yourself !! That feeling of helplessness gets deep rooted within and starts paralysing your self-confidence and belief in your efficiencies. In school i never attempted to answer any questions asked by teachers even if i knew the answer because i was scared that all my batch mates would make fun of me . There was i time when i was scared to even take my name and start a conversation. Every stammerer has faced many challenges throughout their life from saying ‘hello’ to ‘goodbye’ and these challenges has dropped their confidence level. As a stammerer i have faced many embarrassing moments in my life, moments which eventually lead me in deep depression . There was a feeling in me that Speaking fluently in not my cup of tea. After all the roller coaster ride i had in my life, i got reference of A.P Singh sir . I met him and his confidence gave me confidence that stammering is just a bad habit which can be cured easily, his exercises helped me alot and soon gave results . Presently 90% of my bad habit has left me and now i can easily start a conversation with anyone and can talk for hours with anyone on any topic. I thank A.P Singh sir for trusting in me and helping me get rid of this habit.


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